US links Chinese spy balloon to massive surveillance program by China's military

US links Chinese spy balloon to massive surveillance program by China's military

Washington has linked the Chinese spy balloon to a massive surveillance program run by China's People's Liberation Army, according to anonymous U.S. officials.

The report said officials have started briefing U.S. allies and partners who have been targeted. Over five continents, the surveillance balloons, operated in part by the Chinese air force, have been spotted, according to the officials.

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An official said that the Chinese have done an unbelievably old technology, and essentially married it with modern communications and observation capabilities to try to glean intelligence on other nations' militaries. It's a huge effort. One of the senior administration officials revealed that the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman led a briefing on Xi Jinping's spy balloon for some 150 people from about 40 embassies. The State DepartmentState Department has sent out detailed information on the espionage that can be shared with allies and partners to every U.S. Embassy, it added.

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A senior administration official said there was great interest in this on the part of our allies and partners.

Many of them recognize that they may be vulnerable or susceptible to this or an object of interest to the PRC People's Republic of China, the official said.

The U.S. Navy released photos showing the recovery of the remains of the balloon that was recently shot down on the orders of President Joe Biden off the coast of South Carolina.

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