61% of Americans plan to use cannabis this Valentine’s Day, survey shows

61% of Americans plan to use cannabis this Valentine’s Day, survey shows

Nearly 148 million American adults or 61% plan to incorporate cannabis into their Valentine's Day plans in 2023, according to a recent online survey conducted by Wired Research.

The survey was conducted between January 24, 2023 and January 29, 2023, among 961 nationally representative Americans aged 21 using an email and online survey. The study has a margin of error of - 3.2%, per press release.

According to the survey by Verano Holdings Corp., VRNOF, a leading multi-state cannabis company, attitudes and purchasing behaviors towards cannabis are shifting in the U.S. with more interest, acceptance and personal cannabis usage leading the way. Nearly 55 million American adults are 37% happy to receive cannabis as a gift this Valentine's Day, showing a reduction in stigma and increased acceptance of use of the drug, according to the survey.

The accessibility of legal weed could be a factor in the increase in use of cannabis on Valentine's Day.

The US adults in the Northeast were the most likely to use or gift cannabis this year, with 66% versus 55% in the Midwest, 61% in West and 63% in South. Some states in the Northeast, including Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and New Jersey, have legal recreational cannabis programs in the past 12 months. One of the more surprising statistics found that parents were more likely to make cannabis part of their Valentine's Day celebration this year than their peers without children 69% vs. 57%.

According to the data from the survey, Americans use cannabis to relax or improve their mood, which can help people be more connected and present, which is crucial for a better love life, said Shannon Chavez, a psychologist and nationally recognized sex therapist in Beverly Hills. This is where money is raised, M&A start, and companies meet key partners. On April 11 - 12, join us at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel in Florida.