Thai quake survivor helps others in Turkey

Thai quake survivor helps others in Turkey

A Thai student in T rkiye who was affected by the devastating earthquake is trying to make the best of a tough situation by helping other survivors.

On Wednesday, Suraphat Kobkaew told CNA that he had been asleep when the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck central T rkiye and Syria rocked his nine-storey building.

The tremors that struck in the early hours of Monday left cracks in his residence, and some part of the wall fell to the ground, said the 23-year-old.

Kobkaew, who managed to escape uncathed, is currently staying with other survivors in Cukurova University in Adana.

He says that the camp's other campers are people who can't go back to their homes despite nervousness and anxiety about the situation. Kobkaew said he has been lending a hand by distributing food, carrying blankets and other necessities.

Why do I help the camp? He said that because of the hard time, it's better to do something good and I'm still alive and healthy.

Cukurova University and other non-governmental organisations NGOs have provided those seeking shelter with food, heat and some cushion s to sleep on. Kobkaew said they have been supplied with items that are easy to consume, such as soup and bread.