LiveWire Ergogenics expands its California distribution network

LiveWire Ergogenics expands its California distribution network

LiveWire Ergogenics Inc. added additional dispensaries to its California distribution network for its Estrella Weedery co-branded products.

Bill Hodson, the CEO of Livewire Ergogenics, stated that the first two waves of our specialty Estrella Weedery branded products, produced at Estrella River Farms, the Phire Live Resin vape cartridges, the Halfsies Concentrates, have been delivered for statewide business to business and direct-to- consumer distribution throughout California. A large number of additional California dispensaries are now offering a wide variety of Estrella River Farms-grown products to its valued customers, and the products have been very well received. To support the expansion, we are taking an aggressive approach to brand awareness and expand distribution while carefully navigating the developments in the California cannabis market. Livewire's exclusive growth operation in the Paso Robles wine country, Livewire collaborated with Phire Labs to produce the organic vape cartridge of live resin.

Halfsies Cannabis concentrate, the brainchild of its partners at Cannavision Labs, is made with a blend of half live resin derived from plants cultivated at Estrella Ranch, processed with hydrocarbons and live rosin processed with ice, water, heat and high pressure.

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