Rescue teams in Turkey, Syria await approval

Rescue teams in Turkey, Syria await approval

The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria and the announcements of the departure of rescuers from Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH as help to the affected areas could not pass without some vicissitudes and complications. The aim of Republika Srpska RS officials is to present themselves as functional, and the Federation of BiH FBiH is problematic.

Since the day before yesterday, announcements can be heard that more rescue teams will travel to Turkey and Syria to help, but suddenly calls have been made to follow procedures. They announced that they were waiting for approvals from the FBiH.

The Ministry of Security, headed by Nenad Nesic, is awaiting approval from the state level.

The departure of the rescuers was announced at the same time and promptly implemented in the RS. Everything was of course arranged by Milorad Dodik, who accompanied the mayor of Banja Luka, Drasko Stanivukovic, escorted a group of rescuers on an Air Serbia plane.

For Srpska, it is important that our civil protection be in Turkey as part of international forces and help the people there. It will be in Turkey as long as necessary, which will be assessed with the authorities of the country, said the SNSD leader.

This example, as minor as it may seem, shows how the image of the state's dysfunctionality is sent even in such situations. It is important for Dodik that he can present the story to the Turkish president tomorrow, because he believes that the RS came to help them, and not necessarily the state of BiH.

The rescuers from the Federal Administration of Civil Protection were supposed to leave Turkey last night, according to the latest information.

The Federal Administration of Civil Protection spokeswoman Majda Kovac confirmed this information.

We are planning to send a team of 42 members of the Federal Administration of Civil Protection. Part of them will leave by land tonight and part by air tomorrow. She said yesterday that their team will consist of two medics and two search dogs that should be of great help.

The first team left at 6 p.m. and the second left at 8 p.m. from Sarajevo Airport.

The Council of Ministers has not yet given approval for their departure, which is why the Federal Administration of Civil Protection will start a rescue operation even without it, according to