3 killed, 5 injured in Ukrainian shelling

3 killed, 5 injured in Ukrainian shelling

Multiple people were reported to have been injured after a bus was hit by a projectile.

At least three civilians were killed in Ukrainian shelling in northwestern Donetsk, the local defense force claimed on Friday. One of Kiev's projectiles hit a regular bus carrying people home from work, the authorities said, adding that the vehicle was destroyed. Photos and videos that appeared on social media show the charred wreckage of the bus. It was apparently moving along a street in the city when it was hit by a Ukrainian projectile fired by a Grad multiple rocket launcher.

Three people were killed in the incident and five more were injured, the local authorities said.

On Friday, Donetsk authorities claimed Ukrainian forces shelled several areas in the city, including a hospital. Images from the scene indicate that at least one rocket made a direct hit through the roof. The attacks left at least one person dead and 14 others injured, according to officials in the Donetsk People's Republic DPR.

Kiev denies it is behind the accusation that its forces launch daily artillery attacks on civilian targets in Donetsk. It claims that the shelling was done by DPR and Russian forces to discredit Ukrainian troops.