Tesla Cybertruck is a real truck, according to survey

Tesla Cybertruck is a real truck, according to survey

One of the most anticipated electric vehicles of all time is the Cybertruck from Tesla Inc TSLA. The electric pickup truck will put Tesla in a more competitive position with several traditional automotive companies for a sector that sees strong annual sales.

What Happened: Since the launch of the Cybertruck in 2019, the vehicle has been one of the most anticipated product launches from Tesla and one of the most anticipated vehicle launches of all time.

Before setbacks saw it pushed back to 2023, the vehicle was previously given production targets of 2021 and 2022. The production of Tesla will start in 2023, according to Elon Musk.

InsideEV reports that AmericanTrucks.com sees strong interest in the Cybertruck among truck owners, according to a new survey from AmericanTrucks.com.

When asked what electric truck drivers are most interested in buying? The Cybertruck came in second with 27% of the vote. The Tesla vehicle was beaten out by the Ford F 150 Lightning, an electric pickup truck by Ford Motor Company F already on the market.

The survey also found what people think of the Cybertruck when asked if Tesla's upcoming vehicle is a real truck.

Only 44% of the survey said the Tesla Cybertruck is a real truck, with 56% saying it is not.

Another question asked the respondents to predict when the Cybertruck would hit the market.

Users were asked what would make truck drivers more likely to purchase an electric truck in the future, with multiple choices being allowed.

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Why It's Important: An update from Musk during Tesla's fourth quarter earnings conference call was that production would start in the summer, but the CEO was cautious on production figures.

I always try to downplay the start of production because the start of production is always very slow. It increases exponentially but it is always very slow at first. I wouldn't put too much thought into the start of production. It's kind of when volume production happens, and that's next year, Musk said.

In 2023, Tesla has guiding for 1.8 million vehicles to be delivered, but has not broken out how many of the units counted could be Cybertrucks.

In the U.S., Tesla has one of the top 10 bestselling vehicles in the US in 2022, with the Tesla Model Y ranking sixth with 252,000 units.

The top three bestselling vehicles in the U.S. in 2022 were pickup trucks, and five of the top 10 bestselling vehicles were pickup trucks.

Ford's F-Series topped the U.S. bestselling list for the 41st straight year.

It could signal anticipated demand for the Tesla vehicle, since the Cybertruck ranked second as the model that truck drivers were most interested in. The results of the poll about the Cybertruck being a real truck could impact sales, but it might not matter in the long run.

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