Tokushima University develops technology to enhance Awa Odori dance

Tokushima University develops technology to enhance Awa Odori dance

TOKUSHIMA - Digital technology that allows people to perform Awa Odori dance alongside virtual idols has been developed by Tokushima University and other institutions in Tokushima City.

Tetsuya Yamamoto, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences, worked with Ito En Ltd.'s Central Research Institute in Shizuoka Prefecture to develop the technology in order to enhance the appeal of Awa Odori, one of the most famous Bon Festival dances in the country.

The technology uses AR to create a three-dimensional image. Multiple projectors project images from different angles onto a transparent screen set up in front of dancers.

The technology was unveiled at a press conference on February 28. A video of a student performing the dance with Hatsune Miku, a popular virtual idol, was also shown.

The technology can be used to create a variety of lighting effects, such as a flurry of cherry blossoms and large glowing hearts floating around the dancers.

The technology AR Awa Odori is being named as a technology, the university plans to promote its use at events both on and off campus.

Yamamoto said that we wanted to promote our traditional culture to the world by having Awa Odori collaborate with popular characters.