Visegrad awaits registration of state property

Visegrad awaits registration of state property

On the day that the United States U.S. has blacklisted the director of the Administration for Geodetic and Property Legal Affairs for usurping state property, Visegrad Mayor Mladen Djurevic stated that he is waiting for the Administration to register state property in the municipality. It is located about 450,000 square meters of the former barracks of the Yugoslav People's Army JNA Uzamnica in Visegrad in the east of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH The property that the mayor of Visegrad is talking about belongs to BiH. The law from 2005 was imposed by the High Representative in BiH, Paddy Ashdown.

Despite this, the first man of Visegrad says he will offer investors this state property.

How did the Government of Republika Srpska RS allocate property to Visegrad?

Djurevic points out that all legal procedures were followed, and that the government of the RS and the Attorney General's Office of the RS participated in the entire process.

An agreement on mutual relations has been reached by the RS Attorney General's Office. Djurevic points out that the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Legal Affairs, which is responsible for registering property, is on the move.

On March 15th, the U.S. blacklisted Dragan Stankovic, director of the Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs, due to the adoption of the RS Property Law in April 2022.

The RS tried four times to regulate the issue of state property in the entity's parliament. The law was declared unconstitutional in 2012 by the Constitutional Court of BiH.

In 2020, certain articles of the Law on Agricultural Land and the Law on Inland Navigation were declared unconstitutional, and the same happened with parts of the Law on Forests in 2021.

The Law on State PropertyLaw on State Property was never adopted at the state level, which is why the Law on the Prohibition of Dispossession from 2005 is in force. The law as clarified by the High Representative decision at the time is in force until the state parliament adopts a new one, Slobodna Evropa reports.