BiH promotes green transition of SMEs

BiH promotes green transition of SMEs

The companies realize significant savings as well as additional income by introducing business models, as stated by the participants, which opens up additional business and economic potential because of the environmental and social effects that are the focus of green and circular business models.

The participants of the meeting proposed a redesign of those programs, given that there are funds, as well as institutions that work very well, have developed policies and have a vision for a green transition. The discussion was about how to improve the entire portfolio of mechanisms.

The two entity ministries that are responsible for the development of SMEs in BiH are the FBiH Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Ministry of Economy and Entrepreneurship of the Republika Srpska, and there are entity funds, the FBiH Environmental Protection Fund and the RS Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. With its credit lines, the Development Bank of the Federation of BiH is also active in this area.

Adrijana Mari, the head of the Green Recovery component, stated that the activities implemented by GIZ in BiH on behalf of the German Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation. It included representatives from the competent ministries for the economy, environmental protection funds, chambers of commerce, international financial institutions that have funds in their portfolios to support the green transition, as well as business entities.

Our goal is to support private and public actors on the way to the green transition of SMEs. The green transition is inevitable under global trends regarding decarbonization and in accordance with the ambitious European green plan. Marti Fena pointed out that our companies, particularly in the metal and wood sectors, are faced with demands on the export markets to adapt their production to those demands.