Bosnia and Herzegovina calls for regional cooperation

Bosnia and Herzegovina calls for regional cooperation

They pointed out the importance of developing regional cooperation in Southeast Europe in various areas with the aim of the countries of the region reaching the standards for integration into European structures.

Be irovi expressed gratitude to the Regional Cooperation Council for the support it provides to cooperation in the region, especially in the framework of the Berlin Process.

He pointed out that Bosnia and Herzegovina remains committed to the principles, values and goals on which the EU is based, and that Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens are determined to become an integral part of European social, political and economic structures.

It is necessary to strengthen regional cooperation within the framework of the Berlin process and that it is necessary to continue to carry out activities aimed at improving the political dialogue, according to Beirovi and Bregu.

There was a common interest of a stronger connection of the region's economies through the implementation of projects and stronger cooperation in the field of economy, infrastructure, mobility and digitalization.

In this regard, priority will be placed on the implementation of agreements signed within the framework of the Berlin process, such as agreements on the mutual recognition of identity cards, university degrees and professional qualifications.

The BiH Presidency said that the implementation of these agreements will strengthen regional cooperation that will be important for the daily life of people in the region, by facilitating their travels and creating conditions for the mobility of experts, students, scientists and academic staff.