Poland to get PLN 38 million euros for Wawel Castle

Poland to get PLN 38 million euros for Wawel Castle

Poland's ministry of culture will grant funding of PLN 38 million EUR 8.02 million to Wawel Castle in Krakow for investments, the culture minister announced on Saturday.

The investments are aimed at making the historical building more accessible. Culture Minister, Piotr Glinski, said the castle would receive PLN 22 million EUR 4.64 million for the underground Wawel' project, which aims to make new attractions publicly available.

Glinski spoke at a Saturday press conference at the southern city's famous site that in recent times, changes in Polish culture have been very dynamic.

Glinski said that the Wawel Royal Castle proposes a wide range of offers can be seen in its increasing attendance. We expect to see around two million visitors this year. This is the result of hard work. Glinski said over the last two years, the culture ministry has earmarked PLN 84 million EUR 17.72 million for investments at Wawel and that work would continue. He said the landmark would get PLN 30 million EUR 6.33 million this year, with the rest to be paid by the end of 2025.