Sagami-Tokyu railway link opens

Sagami-Tokyu railway link opens

The new Sagami Railway Co. train is painted in Yokohama navy blue. The new line operated by Sagami Railway Co. and Tokyu Railways Co. is only about 10 kilometers long and connects Sagami's Hazawa Yokohama-Kokudai station with Tokyu's Hiyoshi Station.

The change results in a new network of 14 lines operated by seven railway companies over three prefectures with an overall rail distance of about 250 km, the longest of any railway in Japan.

The new Sagami-Tokyu link will shorten the time required to travel from central Kanagawa Prefecture to central Tokyo.

Central Japan Railway Co. has decided to operate some of its Nozomi bullet trains with Shin-Yokohama as the starting point and head to Nagoya and Shin-Osaka due to the link having a stop at Shin-Yokohama Station.