Rights coalition in Bosnia announces secession

Rights coalition in Bosnia announces secession

The ruling coalition in Republika Srpska RS met yesterday in Banja Luka after the representatives of the coalition partner parties of the SNSD gathered behind Milorad Dodik, the president of the RS, while he openly announced secession.

Dodik also commented on the criticism of the transfer of ownership to the levels of local communities in the RS.

What is the Office of the High Representative OHR? It is something that does not exist, there is a high representative who is fake, there is a staff that does not exist again without a high representative. It is not useful. The OHR has caused too much harm to the Americans and the Americans. They have destroyed The Dayton Agreement and I think they are in the final stage of the degradation of RS. "From this Murphy who keeps appearing to give lectures," Dodik said.

He stated that the question of property was settled by Dayton and the Constitution.

BiH received international sovereignty, and it only implies contacts with other countries, which is not in dispute, but it was said that it continues to function, according to the internal arrangements provided in the Constitution, which states that it is composed of two entities and three constituent nations, and that only is expressly stated to BiH, and everything else to the entities. The matter of introducing it was presented as problematic by Ashdown. The succession law can't overturn the Constitution of BiH. As the one from the OHR or this arrogantAmerican ambassador says, those who want to stick to the law. The Constitution states that the succession agreement should be interpreted as it is. Some things would belong to us then, for example. There are things that BiH received abroad, and we should have talked about that so that it is known which embassy belongs to the RS, which belongs to the Federation of BiH FBiH he mentioned.

He said there would not be a conflict, but he agreed that any entry of the armed forces of one entity into another would be met with aggression. We are not going to enter anywhere even a millimeter. They are constantly calling for conflict. We will defend the RS, but we have no reason to attack anyone. BiH is made up of entities, and the RS is our ground. We were given the rights by Dayton and we are taking them. Murphy lobbies for Muslims. He concluded that it was none of our business.

The State Prosecutor's Office, as well as other institutions in BiH and SNSD's coalition partners from FBiH still don't react to Dodik's secession announcements, Klix.ba reports.