Why cannabis is a great opportunity for beauty brands

Why cannabis is a great opportunity for beauty brands

The consumers are looking for something else, beyond the looks.

Consumers are adopting a holistic approach to personal care. 68% of consumers are actively seeking self-improvement in beauty products that can be provided through cannabis, which will expand the self-care sector. Cannabis components are a part of the holistic well-being, from improving sleep to acting as an anti-inflammatory.

Cannabis can be used to differentiate beauty lines in crowded e-commerce platforms, and Benzinga came up with a list of reasons why cannabis is a great opportunity for CPG beauty brands.

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According to McKinsey Company, 71% of consumers are expecting companies to deliver personalized interactions and 76% are frustrated when this doesn't happen.

Cannabis comes in many shapes and can deliver different therapeutic benefits, unlike Aloe Vera or other popular medicinal plants. Terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids are therapeutical and medicinal components that allow brands to innovate their products while focusing on niche therapies and specific medical needs.

The cannabis industry has a large community of enthusiasts and medical users that can provide leads on how to approach your consumer base.

Although educational resources are widely available, not many CPG brands have ventured into the industry.

This opportunity is an opportunity to reach an emerging vertical and consolidate CPG products as reliable, consistent, and safe for consumption.

Consumers are increasingly expecting companies to reflect their sustainable principles. Consumers are choosing brands based on their ecological footprint. CPG brands are moving from unsustainable practices to sustainable practices, including changes in packaging, manufacturing, employment policy, and distribution.

Consumers are increasingly driven by the social and environmental impact of their purchase, and can attract them to cannabis. Consuming cannabis-derived products that are sustainably sourced can have a positive impact on the environment.

The cannabis plant can capture carbon dioxide that pollutes the environment and fix it in the soil where it will be metabolized by the solid food web. Consumers should pay more attention to values that are also important, such as sustainability, health, and wellness, as well as the value of beauty.

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