Benzinga's most bullish and bearish posts of the past week

Benzinga's most bullish and bearish posts of the past week

Over the last week, Benzinga looked at the prospects of many of the investors' favorite stocks - here's a look at some of our top stories.

The three major indexes ended the week mixed due to the turmoil in the banking sector and ahead of the Federal Reserve meeting next week. The Dow Industrials finished the week 0.2% lower, while the S&P 500 climbed by 1.4% and the Nasdaq Composite saw strong bullish momentum, finishing 4.4% higher this week.

The consumer price index increased by 6% in February, down from a 6.4% increase in January, according to the Labor Department on Tuesday.

First Republic Bank FRC shares fell more than 25% on Friday, after a group of banks committed to provide $30 billion in deposits to boost its liquidity. Credit Suisse Group AG CS shares sold off sharply this week after the Swiss National Bank borrowed up to $54 billion to provide short-term liquidity.

Daily reports on the most popular stocks are provided by Benzinga. Here are some of the most bullish and bearish posts of the past week that are worth a look.

Ryan Reynolds' Mobile Company Gets $1.35 B Buyout From T-Mobile: Will He Buy An NHL Team With That Money? Chris Katje, details the golden touch of Ryan Reynold, who is a co-owner of Mint Mobile, a part of Ka ena Corporation, which is now set to be acquired by T-Mobile US TMUS for $1.35 billion.

In Cathie Wood Loads Up On Tesla Stock Again — Also Hikes Stake In This Financial Services Company, Bhavik Nair reports that ARK Investment Management bought additional shares of Tesla Inc TSLA this week, valued at over $4.6 million.

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In Shiba Inu Developer Admits Mistake With Shibarium Beta After Backlash From Community, Says Will Fix Within A Week, Mehab Qureshi writes that Shiba Inu SHIB USD developer Kaal Dhairya admitted to making a mistake regarding the Shibarium Beta chain ID after a backlash from the community.

The company will stop working on NFTs in order to support creators, businesses and people, according to Murtuza Merchant, Facebook Just Gave Up On Making Millions From NFTs.

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