Bosnia Prime Minister Novali thanks World Bank for development and reform projects

Bosnia Prime Minister Novali thanks World Bank for development and reform projects

They discussed the implementation of development and reform projects in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, supported by the World Bank, such as improving the competitiveness of agriculture, improving the health system, energy transition and modernization of water supply.

Prime Minister Novali thanked the World Bank and stressed the importance of this international financial institution's support for FBiH government projects.

Since the beginning of this government s mandate, the World Bank has been an important partner of ours. The cooperation continues and we are going to implement the approved projects that will mean additional support for the development of the Federation, said Prime Minister Novali The Head of the World Bank Office in our country. He thanked the FBiH Prime Minister and the Government for the cooperation that resulted in significant progress in a very short period.

We have good news. On Monday, our committee will hold a hearing on the budget support for the health sector for 100 million dollars. There are 60 million people who belong to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will be ratifying three projects soon regarding water supply, agriculture and health. We inform the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the FBiH Parliament about the status of these projects that will be voted on very soon, as well as the employment support project. I want to thank you for your cooperation because we have done a lot in a short time. Sheldon said that it has five or six new projects and we are preparing as many more for the next two years.