Shark Tank owner Mark Cuban shares his thoughts on becoming super rich

Shark Tank owner Mark Cuban shares his thoughts on becoming super rich

The owner and billionaire Mark Cuban of Dallas Mavericks has a multi-faceted life. He has built a career of creating and investing in profitable companies, and is currently starring on the popular television show Shark Tank. Cuban wanted to get rich and retire by age 35. By the time he was 32 he sold the company for $6 million, pocketing around $2 million in profit, but realized that he preferred working and being engaged in business.

He shared his thoughts on the misconceptions about becoming and staying super rich during an interview with Alex Kennedy on The HoopsHype Podcast.

CNBC quoted him saying that it can, in many respects, but it doesn't have to.

Even when I was dead on the floor, I was having fun hanging out with my friends, even when I was sleeping on the floor. He added that those guys are still my same friends.

Are you always going to pick up the check or only sometimes pick up the check? It's a little adjustment, but your true friends are your true friends. Cubans said money has allowed him more peace of mind and flexibility.

Cuban said he's worked hard to maintain his down-to- earth perspective and ensure that his wealth hasn't changed him despite massive wealth.

I'm lucky because I don't have to worry about bills because I don't have to worry about my lights turning off again and stuff like that, which I had to worry about in the past, he said. He said that I don't have to worry about money and I can set my schedule.

No matter the scale, having more money than you did when you broke things, changes you some, said Cuban. It doesn't have to change you a lot, and I think that's the biggest misconception. In an interview, Cuban said that the secret to his success is how he invests time in his family and kids.

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