Biden, Trump’s handling of classified documents inappropriate, Americans agree

Biden, Trump’s handling of classified documents inappropriate, Americans agree

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, both of whom have been leaders of the country, have something else in common sticky fingers and an apparent nostalgia for classified documents, and Americans agree it is inappropriate.

According to a January poll conducted by ABC News Ipsos, 64% of Americans believe that Trump's mishandling of classified documents was more severe, with 77% of those polled calling the behavior inappropriate.

Republicans believed Biden's actions were more reprehensible and Democrats felt that Trump's actions were more severe, with disapproval over the president's actions varying depending on party affiliation, with Republicans believing Biden's actions were more reprehensible and Democrats feeling Trump's actions were more severe.

47% of Republicans think Donald Trump's handling of classified documents is inappropriate, compared to 95% of Democrats. 83% of independents think the behavior is not appropriate.

In the case of Biden's mishandling of files, 38% of Democrats, compared to 89% of Republicans, feel the president's actions were inappropriate 66% of independents agree with See Also: Trump Expects To Be Arrested Next Week, Elon Musk Shares Thoughts Ahead Of Former President's Possible Indictment

Both Biden and Trump have had their private offices and personal properties searched by the FBI, where classified documents were discovered, and are now facing special counsel investigations by the Department of Justice. The files are to be kept at the National Archives and Records Administration NARA. There are marked differences in each case because Biden is cooperating with the FBI while Trump is accused of obstruction of justice in the case against him.

The FBI raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate last August and found more than 20 boxes containing classified material, with some sets marked as top secret. According to a report, a number of the top secret files contained highly sensitive intelligence about Iran's missile program, as well as secret intelligence work directed at China.

Trump's team allegedly made false claims about the documents to investigators and left out important details that obstructed the investigation.

In January, Biden's lawyers discovered classified documents amongst personal items at a private office in Washington, which Biden claimed he was surprised to hear about, according to a report.

The search for classified material at Biden's private addresses began, and Justice Department officials found more classified documents, this time at the president's Delaware estate.

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