Twitter CEO Elon Musk shares unusual job titles

Twitter CEO Elon Musk shares unusual job titles

On Saturday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk shared some unusual job title names that may soon exist.

In a tweet, the billionaire entrepreneur posted an image titled Jobs In The Future, with names and visual descriptions of six titles, including Gravity eater, Quantum hunter, Glitch dreamer, Void deer and Boson cutter. One of his followers said he had forgotten to add Eldrich as a title.

Another user said it was not much of a stretch to say that software jobs are going to go first. So many backends are basically the same components arranged in different ways. I'm surprised if AI isn't doing the heavy lifting within 2 years. Musk shared more serious updates about Twitter on Saturday. He said that the platform's user-minutes had exceeded 8 billion user-minutes per day.

He said that Twitter will prioritize replies by verified accounts, unverified accounts and people that are followed by Twitter users in the coming weeks.

Musk previously announced that Twitter would publicize its algorithm that recommends tweets.