Mary Trump’s niece says Trump will campaign for presidency despite indictment

Mary Trump’s niece says Trump will campaign for presidency despite indictment

Earlier this weekend, former President Donald Trump raised the possibility of his arrest on Tuesday and called for his supporters to rally around him. On Sunday, his niece and one of his harshest critics, Mary Trump, talked about what a potential indictment would mean for the embattled Republican's election prospects.

What Happened: During an Ask Me Anything session on the Mary Trump Show, Mary Trump said she thinks that despite her uncle being indicted, he would still campaign for the presidency from prison and get the Republican nomination. She shared her thoughts in response to a question as to whether Republicans leaning in favor of a losing and compromised candidate should be a reason for optimism.

He will be indicted on his indictments. He will fundraise off of his indictments if it proves what a martyr he is to the cause, Mary Trump said, adding that an indictment would only reassert her uncle's claim that he has been the subject of a witch hunt.

Mary Trump noted that after Donald Trump received the Republican nomination in 2016, she thought he had no chance of getting into the White House. She said he has a better chance than he did when he was a kid, thanks to his base's support.

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The podcaster, who is a psychologist, said that no Republican should be in the White House because they were all fascists, anti-democratic and ideologues whose goal is to make the country into a version of the theocratic apartheid state. Even if Trump was indicted, those who lean politically left believe that he will never be prosecuted or punished. She said that those on the right see the indictment as something that could strengthen his appeal.

Why is it important that the Manhattan District Attorney's office will call for the arrest of Donald Trump in connection with an investigation into a hush-money dealing with adult film star Stormy Daniels.

In a preemptive move, the ex-president took to his Truth Social account and called for his supporters to protest, take our nation back. Poll shows Americans think Trump And Biden have acted inappropriate ways, and that's why they're not included in the poll.