Geostrategist says UK culpable in Indian mission attack

Geostrategist says UK culpable in Indian mission attack

Amid growing criticism of the UK over the attack on the Indian High Commission by pro-Khalistani groups, prominent geostrategist Brahma Chellaney said that the UK is culpable in this incident, while India has been bending over backwards to build closer ties to the UK.

Under an Indian-origin PM, UK ties with India continue to take a hit, even as Modi has bent over backward to build closer ties with the UK, including fast-tracking FTA negotiations. Chellaney said that the UK cannot escape culpability in Indian mission's storming, along with a video where pro-Khalistani groups can be seen protesting outside the mission. A person can be seen climbing up to the dias and taking down the Indian flag and putting up a Khalistani flag instead.

On Monday, security around the Indian High Commission was beefed up and Scotland Yard arrested one person in connection with the vandalism. India asked the UK to arrest and prosecute those involved in the attack.

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra said that India lodged a strong protest and clearly indicated to the British authorities the need for adequate security at the Indian High Commission. India summoned the senior British diplomat in Delhi and demanded an explanation about the complete absence of security at the mission.

Senior Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor said it was disappointing to see that a friendly government does not take elementary police precautions to ensure such incidents do not happen. We already have an attack in Australia, now we have an attack in London. Are we going to allow this to happen everywhere? Our government should go to all the host governments where there is a possibility - Australia, Canada, the US, the UK and tell them that they must take extra special precautions outside our missions, that is our responsibility to demand it and then it is the diplomatic responsibility of those governments to provide it, Tharoor told reporters outside Parliament.

The violent disorder and vandalism that took place in London was condemned by London Mayor Sadiq Khan. There is no place in our city for this kind of behaviour, he said.

Lord Rami Ranger, the British Sikh house of Lords peer, said the Sikh community is in shock and disbelief at how a handful of the misguided bunch can tarnish an illustrious and patriotic community. They have also shown total disrespect to Sikh Gurus who paid the supreme sacrifice for their Mother India, he said.

On Sunday a group of pro-Khalistan protesters attacked and damaged the Indian Consulate in San Francisco.

These attacks happened after the police crackdown on radical preacher Amritpal Singh and his associates in Punjab.