Steve Jobs' signature is worth more than Tesla Model S

Steve Jobs' signature is worth more than Tesla Model S

Who knew that Steve Jobs' signature would be worth more than Tesla Inc. TSLA Model S?

What Happened: A unique item from Apple's history is currently up for sale at Moments in Time, an award plaque signed by the company's co-founder, Jobs.

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Says Elon Musk And Steve Jobs Both Enjoy Cult Leader Status But One Thing Sets Them Apart: Honesty The award plaque is rare, as Jobs was not known to sign items frequently and is worth $95,000, more than a Tesla Model S at $89,990, according to AppleInsider. Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla.

Moments in Time is a company that buys and sells original letters and other documents with autographs.

In 2000, Jobs presented it to Suzanne Lindbergh, a former marketing executive at Apple. The plaque is a tribute to those who have dedicated ten years of service to the company.

The plaque's text reads : This ten-year plaque recognizes those who contributed a decade of personal achievement to Apple's phenomenal success. Apple honors you not only for your talent, enthusiasm and energy, but also for your ten years of creativity and career commitment. The award plaque comes with a letter of authenticity from PSA DNA. Jobs presented this plaque on his return to Apple.

The report noted that it is considered one of the rare authentic items he signed since the company moved to facsimile signatures on the anniversary award.

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