Jack Dorsey’s first post was tweeted by Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey’s first post was tweeted by Elon Musk

The first post that started the platform, now owned by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, was tweeted by Co-founder and Block Inc CEO Jack Dorsey 17 years ago.

What happened to Dorsey's first tweet, just setting up my twttr. The anniversary of the platform was marked by the retweet on Tuesday.

Dorsey's first tweet was sold for $47 million in 2022 as a non-fungible token.

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It took Twitter seven years to grow from that single tweet to the $30 billion company that held its initial public offering in 2013.

Dorsey stepped down from Twitter in November 2021. A year later in October 2022, the company was purchased by Tesla and SpaceX CEO Musk.

The listing of rival platform Nostr on app stores is praised by tech giants Apple and Google as a milestone for open protocols. Dorsey-led Block, formerly called Square, is gearing itself toward a USD-centric future ofBTC.