China to resume imports of Brazilian beef

China to resume imports of Brazilian beef

BEIJING China has agreed to resume imports of Brazilian beef aged under 30 months, according to a statement released by China's General Administration of Customs.

Brazilian beef sales to China were stopped on February 23 after the discovery of an atypical case of mad cow disease.

The resumption of trade happened a day after Brazilian agriculture minister Carlos Favaro arrived in Beijing on Sunday ahead of a visit by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaLula da Silva.

Lula will visit China accompanied by a delegation of 240 business representatives, including 90 from the agriculture sector.

Brazil is attempting to renegotiate sanitary protocols under which a single mad cow case triggers an export ban for the whole country. Beef producers in Brazil lose up to $25 million per day because of the embargo in place.

62 per cent of Brazil's beef exports went to China last year.