Benzinga Stock Whisper Index highlights the stocks that are just under the surface

Benzinga Stock Whisper Index highlights the stocks that are just under the surface

When it comes to picking opportunities, investors are on the hunt for undervalued, underfollowed and emerging stocks. Retail traders have a lot of ways to uncover new information. This may be overwhelming for some.

Benzinga's Stock Whisper Index uses a combination of proprietary data and pattern recognition to highlight five stocks each week that are just under the surface and warrant attention.

The index layers editorial commentary helps make sense of why these stocks should be of interest and whether investors and casual readers should watch them. Here is a look at the Benzinga Stock Whisper Index for the week of March 23, 2023.

Bank of America Corp BAC: Bank stocks have been under pressure due to the collapse of several institutions. Bill Ackman, the banking giant, linked the banking giant to the purchase of Signature Bank SBNY, according to the Bank of America. Bank of America is seen as a potential winner in people moving deposits from smaller regional banks to larger ones that are seen as having less risk of bank runs and potential collapse.

Clean Energy Technologies CETY is a clean energy company that is getting strong interest from investors ahead of its uplisting to the Nasdaq on March 23 under the same ticker. The company will raise $3.9 million by selling 975,000 shares at an offering price of $4. The company's shares are up 48% year-to-date.

AMD is seeing strong interest from investors, for the second week in a row. The banking collapse could have a significant impact on the technology sector, and investors are worried about the big run-up technology stocks have had in 2023. Raymond James has raised its price target on AMD shares to $115.

The company had a float of around 80,000 shares before any reversals, and ran up this week after a filing showed that the company had heavy redemptions and had a float of around 80,000 shares. With no closing date set, the company is merging with biotech Apollomics. The stock could be one of many high redemption, low float SPAC names that often see price acceleration around events like number of shares outstanding and the ticker change.

Vicarious Surgical Inc RBOT: Speaking of SPACs, Vicarious Surgical Inc., which announced a SPAC deal in 2021, saw strong interest from investors this week. In February, the company reported earnings, and has seen shares increase in the year 2023. The share price was down over 30% on Thursday. Recently, insiders have been buying shares.

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