Ashden announces winners of global awards

Ashden announces winners of global awards

The annual global awards honour innovations such as widening access to clean energy, are open to entries from UK-based climate solutions charity Ashden.

Five of the eight awards are open to African organisations with one focused solely on solutions from the continent.

The winning innovation will tackle inequality as well as the causes and effects of global warming.

Africa is home to extraordinary innovation and many of the communities most threatened by climate change. "We are particularly keen to reward innovation that puts power in the hands of communities and supports the most marginalised and disadvantaged," said Stephen Hall, Ashden Head of Awards.

We promise to do all we can to do to raise the profile of our winners on the global stage and connect them with opportunities for funding and investment. If you know someone who is creating a fairr zero carbon future, please spread the word or apply to the 2023 Ashden Awards. Four of the five international awards will boost efforts to give more people access to clean energy. 48 percent of people in sub-Saharan Africa don't have access to electricity.