Trudeau, Biden offer support to Ukraine

Trudeau, Biden offer support to Ukraine

Trudeau said the two countries would stand together with Ukraine.

Trudeau said that our way of living is facing multiple threats at the same time. Trudeau repeated his speech three times, saying that climate policy is economic policy.

Trudeau is preparing a budget that will be published on Tuesday aimed at scaling up critical mineral and clean tech production.

Biden visited Ottawa less than a week after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Moscow.

With growing competition, including from an increasingly assertive China, there's no doubt why it matters that we turn to each other now to build up a North American market for everything from semiconductors to solar panel batteries, according to Trudeau.

Biden announced US $50 million in order to encourage more US and Canadian companies to invest in packaging semiconductors, and said Canada would provide up to C $250 million US $182 million for semiconductor projects in the near term.

The joint statement said that both countries will advance a cross-border packaging corridor, beginning with Canada and IBM providing a significant investment to develop new and expanded packaging and testing capabilities at its Bromont facility.

The statement said that the two countries agreed to set up an energy transformation task force focusing on clean power and they vowed to work together to create a North American critical minerals supply chain.

It said that mineral supply chains are vital to our economic and national security.

Two Canadian men that China had detained for more than 1,000 days until 2021 and who were at the centre of a dispute between Washington and Beijing attended the speeches.

Biden said that they're human beings with lives and families that must be respected, even though he never mentioned China by name, except by mistake when he said China and corrected himself to say Canada.

The two leaders had already struck a deal that would prevent asylum seekers from traversing the US-Canada land border via unofficial crossings, a plan that was set to be agreed upon at the time of their meetings.

Biden said that the United States and Canada will work together to discourage illegal border crossings and fully implement the updated Safe Third Country Agreement. Canada agreed to take in 1,500 migrants from countries in the Western Hemisphere as part of the deal.

The statement said little about Haiti. The US wanted Canada to take the lead on a security mission there. Canada pledged $100 million in aide to police, but there was no mention of a mission.