Experts urge G7 to resume dialogue on Ukraine

Experts urge G7 to resume dialogue on Ukraine

Experts from around the world issued a joint proposal at a conference on Friday urging the Group of Seven nations to start dialogue on ending Russia's aggression in Ukraine.

The experts from research institutes in 10 countries discussed global issues and the role of the G 7 countries at the Tokyo Conference 2023 held on the day.

More countries need to come together in order to lay the groundwork for the start of peace negotiations as soon as possible. The proposal said that the G 7 nations should engage with these countries to facilitate the process.

The proposal warned that there is an increased risk of a more fragmented world because of the increased competition between the United States and China. The proposal called for more support for developing countries struggling to secure energy resources due to the invasion of Ukraine and to defend the rule of law and order, freedom, territorial integrity and human rights.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida attended the conference and received a copy of the proposal. Kishida said that we must end the Russian invasion as soon as possible.

Ahead of a Japan-chaired G 7 summit meeting in Hiroshima in May, the prime minister said that the G 7 countries would defend international order based on the rule of law and strengthen ties with emerging and developing countries in the so-called Global South.

The agenda of the conference's open session included a 12 point proposal by China regarding Moscow's military aggression that included the suggestion to resume direct dialogue.

The Council on Foreign Relations senior vice president James Lindsay of the U.S. accused China of not pressurizing Russia to enter negotiations.

Sunjoy Joshi, head of the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation, said Beijing's proposals would not work because the world does not trust China.

The Tokyo Conference 2023 was hosted by Genron NPO and sponsored by The Yomiuri Shimbun.