Video of Physics Wallah teachers breaks social media silence

Video of Physics Wallah teachers breaks social media silence

A video of three former teachers of the edtech startup Physics Wallah recently went viral on social media where they were seen crying over 'false allegations' of bribery and internal politics.

They told the management and students that they had been paid Rs 5 crore as a bribe were completely baseless and they quit Physics Wallah because its atmosphere was no longer conducive to learning or teaching.

The three have claimed that Physics Wallah's chemistry teacher Pankaj Sijairya falsely accused them of taking bribes from rival platform Adda 247 to quit Physics Wallah.

Sarvesh Dixit, Manish Dubey and Tarun Kumar have resigned from the edtech startup due to their differences with founder Alakh Pandey.

After quitting the startup, the three professors launched their own YouTube channel named 'Sankalp.' The three teachers on their channel claimed that the organisation's main focus on providing good, affordable education shifted after it became bigger.

The reason behind leaving Physics Wallah was explained by the teachers. In a video shared on YouTube, they said they were abiding by the vision of the edtech startup, but situations changed and they felt they were no longer aligned with the organisation.

They also claimed that Physics Wallah had tried to strike their YouTube channel despite the fact that they had completed the course before quitting the platform.

The video gained huge views as some users claimed that it is a staged act and they are doing it to gain popularity. Netizens also criticised the decision of the former teachers to speak in public as it was distasteful.

The Physics Wallah was started in 2016 by Alakh Pandey and Prateek Maheshwari. It is the only profitable edtech start-up in the country. The company made a profit of Rs 98.2 crore in FY 22. The startup prepares students for competitive engineering and medical entrance exams. The application and website were created by the two co-founders in 2020.