Oregon woman with 7 fingers amputated after cleaning Cold Stone machine

Oregon woman with 7 fingers amputated after cleaning Cold Stone machine

An Oregon woman lost three fingers while cleaning a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream machine, according to reports.

The incident that left Jordyn Martin, 21, with seven fingers, apparently happened at the Corvallis shop on March 15th. The rotors of an ice cream machine pulled the towel she was using and her hand into the machine's blades, according to The Corvallis Gazette-Times.

There was blood splatter all over the store, including the remains of the fingers, former Cold Stone manager Abigail Thomas told KOIN 6 News.

The employees were immediately resigned in response to the incident, citing unsafe working conditions and lack of concern from management.

Former employee Emily Kilpatrick told KOIN 6 that they were still serving ice cream out of the machine after sanitizing it.

The accident has affected Martin's dominant hand and she cannot work, according to Kylee Rochefort, a woman who identifies herself as Martin's sister on a GoFundMe she organized.

She still has bills to pay and car payments to make that don't stop because she lost her fingers, the GoFundMe reads. Please keep Jordyn in your prayers on this road to recovery and learn how to function again. Rochefort says Martin did have surgery but by the time the fingers reported as her pointer, middle and ring fingers made it to the hospital, it was too late to reattach them.

An Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration spokesman confirmed to local media that there was an active investigation relating to an amputation at the Corvallis Cold Stone Creamery, but could not provide additional details while the case remains open.

Martin has already filed a workers' compensation claim because of the injury, and has been able to get legal counsel.

A spokeswoman for Cold Stone Creamery, owned by Kahala Brands, said in a statement to Fox Business that they care about the well-being of all employees and are committed to prioritizing workplace safety, as well as supporting all our franchisees in the restaurants they own and operate.