Sales of Credit Suisse memorabilia surge

Sales of Credit Suisse memorabilia surge

Switzerland recently saw a surge in the sale of memorabilia bearing the name and logo of Credit Suisse after UBS announced its state-backed takeover of the lender. In addition to that, blue and red ski hats bearing the iconic CS '' letters, which were trending in the 1970, were auctioned and attracted bids close to 200 Swiss francs Rs 17,900. Several other branded items related to the bank, including stamps, old letters and sports bags, are also up for sale. With the future of the Credit Suisse brand still unknown, sellers are capitalizing on the opportunity to offer a piece of Swiss history to those looking to own a piece of the bank's legacy.

Credit Suisse is expected to maintain its independent brand during the merger process, but UBS will have the final say on whether to retain the distinct Credit Suisse identity. Due to the uncertainty, buyers are eager to acquire memorabilia associated with the bank while it still bears the Credit Suisse name.

Credit Suisse merchandise and corporate swag from recently failed Silicon Valley Bank, as well as merchandise linked to Lehman Brothers, which filed for bankruptcy at the height of the 2008 financial crisis, are also popular online. These items have become collectors' items, appealing to people who want to have a piece of financial history and a reminder of the ups and downs of the financial world.