Boeing CEO says 737 MAX production will not stall

Boeing CEO says 737 MAX production will not stall

The United States Army AUSA Global Force Symposium Exposition in Huntsville, Alabama, will continue the production ramp up of the Boeing 737 MAX.

A recent manufacturing problem that has halted some Boeing 737 MAX deliveries will not prevent Boeing suppliers from ramping up parts production, said Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun on Tuesday.

In a statement last week, Boeing said that near-term delivery of the 737 MAX would slow as the company grapples with a new manufacturing problem involving the fuselage that Spirit AeroSystems built.

But Calhoun said the company is comfortable holding buffer stock as its supply chain ramps up production to support a planned increase from its current rate of 31 MAXs per month.

By June, Boeing's current plans call for suppliers to 38 jets, Reuters previously reported. In January 2024, the company expects to increase monthly MAX production to 42 by 2024, 47 by 2024 and 52 by January 2025 a rate Boeing has not held since 2019, when the company decreased output after two fatal MAX crashes.