G7 officials to discuss ChatGPT, other tech issues next week

G7 officials to discuss ChatGPT, other tech issues next week

G 7 officials will hold their first meeting on AI regulation next week.

TOKYO Reuters - Group of Seven G 7 nation officials will meet next week to consider problems posed by generative artificial intelligence AI tools like ChatGPT, Japan said on Friday.

The G7 leaders, including the United States, European Union and Japan, agreed last week to establish a forum called the Hiroshima AI process, a forum that would address questions surrounding fast-growing AI tools.

G 7 government officials are holding the first working-level AI meeting on May 30 and consider issues such as intellectual property protection, disinformation and how the technology should be governed, Japan's Communications Minister,Takeaki Matsumoto, said.

The meeting comes as tech regulators worldwide grapple with the impact of popular AI services such as ChatGPT by Microsoft-backed OpenAI.

The EU's first major legislation on artificial intelligence is coming, prompting other governments to consider what rules should be applied to AI tools.

Japan, as this year's chair of G 7 will lead the G 7 discussion on responsive use of the generative AI technology, Mr. Matsumoto said, adding the forum hoped to come up with suggestions for heads of state by year-end.

The Hiroshima G 7 summit last week called for developing and adopting international technical standards to keep AI trustworthy and in line with our shared democratic values, Matsumoto said.