Elon Musk warns against advanced AI in speech

Elon Musk warns against advanced AI in speech

Elon Musk criticized artificial intelligence in a speech on Tuesday, warning about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

There is a risk that advanced AI will either eliminate or limit humanity's growth, the billionaire said at the CEO Council summit, describing the technology as a double-edged sword and compared it to a mythical genie.

If you have a genie who can grant you everything that can also do anything, thatinevitably presents a danger, he said.

Musk expects the first government to use AI in weapons technology.

He was asked about a scenario with AI that keeps him up at night. I don't think that AI's going to try to destroy all of humanity, but it might put us under strict controls, he said, although he did note that there is a non-zero chance of AI going full Terminator in the future.

Musk said the world is about to be three-six years away from artificial generative intelligence.

We are on the event horizon of the black hole that is artificial superintelligence, he said.

Musk, the Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter chief, has a strong interest in the industry, with AI at his companies and creating startup X.AI, and said he sees the need for another business to rival Google and Microsoft.

He added that there should be a significant third horse in the race, and that it should be a six-month moratorium on the training of systems more advanced than OpenAI's GPT.

While calling for regulation in the form of a insights committee, Musk predicted that AI will likely lead to an era of abundance.