Indivior to settle claims in Suboxone antitrust lawsuit

Indivior to settle claims in Suboxone antitrust lawsuit

Indivior Inc., an addiction treatment company, announced that its subsidiary, Indivior Inc., has reached an agreement to resolve the claims brought by the Attorneys General of 41 states and the District of Columbia in the In re Suboxone Antitrust Litigation multi-district litigation MDL. The deal will become final if the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania enters the agreement.

The company is bringing in $102.5 million in compensation to the claimants. The settlement was provided in line with the original $290 million agreement for the MDL. The settlement amount will be recorded against the $290 million payment by the court once the agreement is entered by the court. The payment is due to be made in June of 2023, funded by the company's current cash.

The MDL claimant agrees to release all claims related to the MDL, and the company agrees to certain notification measures and restrictions similar to the 10-year-fixed order entered into with the Federal Trade Commission FTC in November 2020. The notification provisions and restrictions would run concurrently with the FTC's specified order, in which the company is required to make and provide specific disclosures and notifications to the claimants, including regular written reports on the company's compliance with the agreement, any filing of a citizen petition to the United States Food and Drug Administration, any approved drug application for a follow-on drug product with FDA, and any proposed changes to the company's corporate structure. In addition, the company is prohibited from certain conduct that may arise from the approval of a new drug application for a follow-on drug product, as described in the agreement.