How to drink during the summer

How to drink during the summer

For example, you might be more attuned to the signs that it is time to stop eating at night. But the novelty of an afternoon alcoholic beverage means people don t always keep tabs on how much they re-consuming, said Dr Akhil Anand, a psychiatrist at the Cleveland Clinic.

If you re drinking throughout the day and not always keeping tabs on where to get the next snack, it also means that you would not have food in your stomach to help slow down the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol, which means you re likely to get more intoxicated over a shorter period of time.

Drinking while the sun is out particularly in the summer can increase the chances of dehydration, and dehydration can intensify the effects of intoxication, said Dr. Sarah Andrews, an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioural sciences at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

If you experience a sweaty day, you may lose more fluids than you re-supply. This means that you also lose sodium and minerals that help your body function normally. And that is on top of the dehydrating nature of alcohol itself, which acts as a diuretic and pushes fluids out of your system by causing you to urinate more frequently.