John Bolton hails Biden's decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine

John Bolton hails Biden's decision to send cluster bombs to Ukraine

On Friday, former National Security Adviser to Donald Trump, John Bolton, hailed President Joe Biden's controversial decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine as an excellent idea. Human rights groups and congressional lawmakers have expressed concerns about Biden's decision to provide Ukraine with cluster bombs.

Over 120 countries have banned the munitions because their accuracy and failure to detonate properly pose significant risks. Unexplored ordnance can remain for decades, causing problems for civilian populations, such as children.

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Bolton told The Hill, I think it's an excellent idea, he said on WABC 770 AM's Cats Cosby show.

We shouldn't have done it before the Ukraines were asking for it, he said. He added that cluster munitions will aid the Ukrainians.

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In addition, the cluster munitions used by Russia during its invasion of Ukraine were reported to have a significant dud rate of nearly 40%. Increased dud rate increases the likelihood of munitions failing to detonate and increases the risk of casualties. The U.S. has vowed to send munitions with a dud rate of less than 3%.

The cluster bombs are part of a recently announced $800 million military aid package for Ukraine. Biden acknowledged that sending these weapons was a challenging decision due to their controversial nature.

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