Russia introduces classic Russian car made from China

Russia introduces classic Russian car made from China

What's old is new again in Moscow when it comes to the introduction of a classic Russian car.

Moskvitch, originally a Soviet car produced from 1946 - 1991 and by OAO Moskvitch from 1991 - 2001, made its debut in November 2022 to acclaim, particularly from Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

This is a historic event, Sobyanin said. The cars, which include a sedan and three SUVs, are assembled in a factory formerly owned by Renault, a French car company. The government of Moscow received only one ruble after the country's invasion of Ukraine, despite Western sanctions on Russia.

The vehicles are assembled in China using kits bought from China, Reuters points to the rise of China's manufacturing in Russia's economy.

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The Russian carmaker did not disclose where it got some of the parts for the new Moskvitch car from, but sources familiar with the matter said the outside parts were from JAC Motors, a Chinese car manufacturer.

Moskvitch said there are hopes to increase production in 2024 and to incorporate more Russian components instead of importing.

China and Russia have become significant trade partners after many NATO and Western countries have limited business or placed sanctions on Russia because of its war with Ukraine. Britain's intelligence chief said China has been Complicit in Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Thursday.

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