United Airlines plans to reduce Newark flights amid weather woes

United Airlines plans to reduce Newark flights amid weather woes

United Airlines Holdings UAL plans to take action to better manage the situation in the future, following several days of disruption last month.

The airline plans to scale back flights at its Newark, N.J. hub and make other changes to better manage frequent, poor weather and congestion, according to the WSJ.

In the last week, storms forced many U.S. airlines to cancel roughly 7900 flights and more than 42,000 flights arrived late. United Airlines compensated passengers with 30,000 frequent flyer miles.

We're now doing more than ever to mitigate the impact of weather, congestion and other infrastructure constraints at Newark and frankly, to build a schedule at Newark that's more manageable given the frequency of weather events and the very real operating limitations that exist there, said U.S. Chief Executive Officer Scott Kirby.

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Normally, United operates about 435 daily flights to Newark throughout the summer, but that number has been reduced to 410 this year.

The airline is also reducing its schedule at Newark, down to about 390 daily flights. Smaller schedules will likely remain the norm until we can come up with a creative solution to the constraints that we're all facing there, Nocella said.

United Airlines recently said it will add more flights to Asia-Pacific to boost its international network. The shares of UAL are up 0.02% on Friday at $56.58.