Stephen Fry warns against 'deepfake' films

Stephen Fry warns against 'deepfake' films

Stephen Fry has expressed his concern about the potential dangers of AI, as he claims that a history documentary faked his voice without his knowledge. The star appeared at the CogX festival in London, where he played a clip of a programme narrated by him, before saying that it was the result of digital cloning.

Fry's claim that his voice was copyrighted is particularly problematic given the ongoing writers' strike. As a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists-American Federation of Television and Radio Actors Guild, he is not taking part in new projects. The industrial action on AI content has been a result of the AI-based creation of content.

Microsoft's president, Brad Smith, said in a statement that Deepfake technology can manipulate footage or images to create photos or videos of people not based on reality. A doctored photo of Rishi Sunak pulling a bad pint on a press opportunity saw experts consider it a 'threat to democracy'.

Fry, for example, has been faced with a particularly challenging problem: how sophisticated it could become.

Tech is not a noun, it's a verb, it's always moving.

''It's a weird time to be alive. ''