Razer's new Aeron chair looks like any other product

Razer's new Aeron chair looks like any other product

I sit every single day in a Herman Miller Aeron - so my eyes perfectly popped when I saw the Razer Fujin for the first time.

Many seats have been trying to replicate the Aeron's iconic stretchy mesh ergonomics and iconic shape since its debut in 1994. The company's $1,049 Fujin Pro model adds the two most desirable upgrades for the Aeron, IMHO: the twist-to-adjust lumbar support, and the adjustable matching headrest that launched an entire aftermarket company to do what Herman Miller wouldn't. He gush about the headrest on my chair to anyone who will listen.

The Fujin Pro also has the '4D armrests' that Razer used since its first copycat gaming chair, a dead ringer for Secretlab Omega.

I was hoping Razer had stopped blatantly ripping other company's designs, but I like the additional aluminum and 3D effect of the Fujin Pro's frame, and I can't really complain if the chair turns out to be good. A brand-new Aeron can easily cost more than $1,500, and I'd genuinely consider a Razer if my ancient one ever wears out.

It's not the normal $649 Fujin that's on sale today, though. It looks notably less expensive, with a very different tilt base, nylon instead of aluminum alloy for the frame, 3D armrests instead of 4D, very little lumbar adjustment, and no headrest - though you can add the headrest for an extra $129.

My friend was able to try both of them, but Razer spokeswoman Will Powers said the aeron's mesh feels a bit more cloth-like, while Razer's Fujin's elastomer mesh is easier to clean, with less discoloration.

With a five-year warranty on everything, Razer says the Fujin Pro can support up to 300 pounds and comes with a five-year warranty on everything save the elastomer mesh. The company says 'pricing may vary based on location due to local taxes and tariffs, which is how it got away with saying the chairs will cost $599 and $99 on stage. In Europe, they will cost €699 and in Europe €1199.

Razer said the chair will cost $99 and $599 on stage, but that's not really correct - that's the company's internal price before currency conversion and tariffs to each country where it will go on sale. We believed Razer had lowered the price at the last minute, but it's still $649 / $1,049.