Warner Bros. adds Bleacher Sports to its subscription list

Warner Bros. adds Bleacher Sports to its subscription list

The charge for the add-on tier, named after the company's digital sports platform, is a 62% premium over the $16-month average subscription fee for the most popular version of the service, which includes content from HBO and Discovery and the Warner Bros. television and movie library.

The lion's portion of live sporting events available on the Bleacher Report add-on tier will be those that air on Warner-owned TV networks like TNT and TBS. If you want additional content on the Bleacher Sports line, you would have to pay for it.

The Bleacher Sports add-on is available starting Oct. 5, when postseason baseball is beginning, and will be free through February 2024.

The expansion of the Max tier continues the growing migration of sports to streaming platforms. The firms pay huge amounts for the rights to air live sporting events.

The dispute was resolved, with Disney agreeing to sign a contract with Charter to market streaming services.

The two businesses-TV and streaming-by allowing content to be available in both locations.

The advantages or disadvantage one side or the other but does provide access to customers, Perrette said.

We're not playing a game where some games are here and some are there. This is very consumer friendly, Warner Bros. said in a statement. Beyond basketball and baseball, Max will offer other sports such as the National Hockey League and the NCAA men's college basketball tournament.

Max will also feature content from Warner Bros. Max will pursue collaborations with cable and broadband providers to sell the Max-with-sports service that could include revenue sharing.