Kozhikode district collector bans public gatherings until September

Kozhikode district collector bans public gatherings until September

The district collector in Kozhikode has declared a holiday for every educational foundation, including professional universities, for Thursday and Friday. Despite this, the university exam schedule remains the same.

Kerala's Education Minister, V Sivankutty, asked schools to switch to online classes because of the sensitive health situation in the district. Pinarayi Vijayan has chaired a review meeting on the matter. The meeting resulted in the authority imposing a ban on public gatherings until September 24. The communiqué said that the events that are absolutely necessary, like weddings, should end with small gatherings now.

The total number of 58 wards in Kozhikode has been assigned as containment zones. The district administration has discovered the travel history of the two casualties of the illness, aged 47 and 40.

Two experts from ICMR have been in touch with a number of experts in the area recently. The additional team of experts from NIV in Pune is expected to show up in Kozhikode on Thursday. They are aiming to lay out a BSL Level 3 lab to sample testing inside the district.

The current Nipah virus seen in Kerala is the Bangladesh version that spreads from one human to another and has a high mortality rate, but it's less infectious.

The annual holidays have been announced for every educational institution, including tuition centres, anganwadis, madrasas, and professional colleges in Kozhikode regions, as a precautionary measure following the Nipah virus outbreak.

The authorities had originally declared Thursday and Friday as holidays, but later extended it to Saturday. However, the exams scheduled by the university and the Public Service Commission will remain the same. The government has called for educational institutions to offer online courses.

What do you think about the Nipah virus?

The state government has raised its concern after Kerala revealed the fifth case of the Nipah virus on Wednesday. A 24-year-old health worker turned himself in on Wednesday to testify in the state's fifth final Nipah case. The 24-hour control room was also set up in the neighboring region of Wayanad after the outbreak of the disease in Kozhikode.

To prevent further increase in cases, the Wayanad district administration also arranged 15 committees to lead the prevention and surveillance exercises and actually manage crisis circumstances.

The only antiviral treatment available for Nipah virus infection is monoclonal antibodies. However, their use in the treatment of infection has not been clinically demonstrated at this point. To treat the child, ICMR has ordered monoclonal antibodies.