Microsoft releases new AI for Windows 11, Surface devices

Microsoft releases new AI for Windows 11, Surface devices

MSFT-Q on Thursday released a unified AI for its Windows 11 platform and four new Surface devices, upping the appeal of its products spruced with the latest technology.

Copilot, the new AI tool, will work across Microsoft's web and productivity applications Bing, Edge browser, and Microsoft's 365 software suite.

The new AI software will roll out on Sept. 26 with changes to Windows 11 and Windows 13 available for download. It will be available in Microsoft 365 Copilot on Nov. 1, when the highly anticipated enterprise AI tool is generally available for purchase.

The company also said that its Bing search will get openAI's DALL-E 3, an image-generating AI.

Thursday's news follows months of Copilot announcements. Microsoft is stacking its expansion on generative AI, computer programs capable of generating text, images, sounds, and other data, and has incorporated the technology into a broad range of its products and services.

Microsoft's aggressive AI push is predicted to put Big Tech peers Alphabet and Apple on the line as customers partake in the new services powered by GenAI.

On Thursday, Microsoft unveiled three laptops - Surface Laptop Go III, Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Go 4 for business and Surface Hub 3 - a newer version of its interactive whiteboard.

The launches follow the resignation of longtime product chief Panos Panay and the appointment of Yusuf Mehdi, the head of consumer marketing, to take over the Surface and Windows businesses with external PC makers and retail partners.