Garret Graves plans to remove Kevin McCarthy as Chairman

Garret Graves plans to remove Kevin McCarthy as Chairman

The Hill said Rep. Garret Graves has drafted a motion to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his position as Chairman.

Often known as a closely ally of Speaker McCarthy Graves, he took this step to counter conservatives' constant threats to oust the California Republican.

Graves revealed to the media that he was frustrated with the political manipulation within the party.

Should the RNC cancel the debate if New Hampshire's primary date moves up, the RNC could lose its influence.

Why it matters : The move comes as McCarthy faces increasing removal threats from hard-line conservatives within his conference, especially Rep. Matt Gaetz.

A motion to vacate the speakership can be proposed by a member of the current House. The federal government is at a critical point, with the federal government having to run out of money by week's end.

Despite last week's failed attempt by Republicans to pass a short-term stopgap bill to extend government funding, Republicans are trying to pass four full-year government funding bills within the next week to circumvent a shutdown.

Graves voiced his disappointment with what he referred to as 'perverted intent' causing issues within the party, hinting at a possible shut down due to strategic failures and disingenuous behavior.

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