Graphenstone's pure lime paint brand redefines the paint industry

Graphenstone's pure lime paint brand redefines the paint industry

The new paint technology that transforms toxic components as obsolete without compromising performance.

The popularity of paint has been a significant boost in recent times, as the world of paint has witnessed a surge of vivid colour names. What are these paints made of, tones and shades aside?

Water-based paints now account for more than 80 percent of the market share. They're easy to use and quick to dry, so they don't need chemical thinners or cleaners. Despite being a mixture of acrylics, vinyls and petroleum-derived polymers, they're created to bond the paint onto the surface. To enhance their durability or resistance, microbeads and microplastics are frequently added.

The World Economic Forum estimates that the volume of microplastics from paint on steel surfaces alone that enters the ocean every year could be as high as 1.5-2.25 million tonnes, equivalent to 150-225 billion empty plastic bottles.

Paints contain volatile organic compounds, chemical additives to aid in flow, drying and curing. However, some VOCs are safe - some are known carcinogens. Chemicals are released into the air after application and can cause significant health risks and negatively affect indoor air quality.

Even though the products labelled as 'low VOC' may not be as safe as they appear, potentially harbouring as much as 30 grams of these compounds per litre. The health of people living in space can be affected by off-gassing of these potentially harmful additives for a number of months after application, leading to adverse effects on the health of those occupying the space. These are the concerns that discerning consumers and businesses should address.

Graphenstone, a pioneering paint brand that blends a range of ancient, non-toxic elements with cutting-edge 21st century carbon technology, is a visionary paint that stands out above the rest. Founded in Spain in 2013, Graphenstone aims to revolutionise the stagnant paints industry. Today, the brand has become a successful brand in 30 countries worldwide, a mark that has already been shared by more than 30 countries. Prestigious clients already attracted to its offerings include giants like Facebook, Google, Grosvenor Estates, Zara and Mango, and co-branded ranges with Ashmolean Oxford, the world's oldest public museum, and Victoria and David Beckham's highly influential interior designer, the remarkable Rose Uniacke.

Graphenstone's core mission is to replace oil-based coatings with dependable natural minerals like limestone, chalk, clay, and silicate, which have stayed the test of time. To enhance the paint's capabilities, pure inert carbon, such as graphene, is utilized as the planet's mightiest material. In 2004, Graphene's discovery at Manchester University resulted in two Nobel Prize winners, who were hailed as being able to captivate the potential of Graphene.

Patrick Folkes, the CEO of Graphenstone UK, explains the brand's distinctiveness: Graphenstone's paints proudly steer clear of toxic synthetic chemicals and additives. The VOC content has a zero VOC content, clocking in at less than 0.1 percent.

This contemporary, sustainable paint, renowned for its unsurpassed durability for a mineral 'clean-tech' paint, delivers a stunning, deeply pigmented finish, compared to conventional synthetic trade paints. Minerals absorb and reflect surrounding colours and have a vibrancy and beauty that surpasses conventional plastic-based systems.

With a low embedded carbon footprint, there are also substantial relative carbon savings to be made, with the pure lime paints reabsorbing a significant amount of CO2 in the 30-day curing process. For example, they benefit from a significantly lower carbon-emitting production process, using the pips from local olive oil harvesting in the kilns when slaking the lime to minimize its impact.

What makes Graphenstone a standout among other world-leading independent certified, sustainable and environmentally friendly mineral paint brands is its standing as one of the world's leading independent minerals paint brands. It has been awarded with certification from the Cradle to the Cradle Institute, including prestigious gold, silver and bronze awards encompassing its entire paints range. Graphenstone has also earned numerous other highly acclaimed evaluations globally, including Global Green Tag and Eurofins, cementing its status as a leader in technology, ecological consciousness and health within the paints industry. The brand's independent, respected product evaluation agencies set the brand apart from all those who might boast about sustainability and ecology but are typically just another synthetic paint brand lacking any real integrity with their product claims.

Ambient Pro+, a renowned lime-based photocatalytic paint, can eliminate airborne pollutants by up to 55 percent annually after application, a major advantage of the brand. The ecosphere, a 98 percent pure white lime paint with the ability to absorb CO2, offers a supreme matt finish for interior applications. GrafClean's versatile use, outdoor and indoors, enhances the elegance of GrafClean Eggshell's woodwork and trim. GCS, a line of vapour-opened lime and silicate paints designed for heritage and listed buildings, provides unparalleled durability while enabling the natural substrates to breathe. This low-price mineral-based emulsion emits trace-level VOC only and is designed for trade applications that can also serve as a cost-effective mist or first coat.

While colour selection has always been a crucial tool for persuasion, Graphenstone's colour selection has always been at the forefront of enthralling shoppers, encompassing a diverse range of more than 1,000 rich hues. In response to a climate crisis, the company urges shoppers to consider critical factors through its distinctive Beyond ColourTM concept, which encourages a comprehensive approach.

Graphenstone's eco-friendly paints meet sustainability objectives, ticking all the right boxes for responsible consumers. They are also the epitome of the Best of British Businesses, demonstrating excellence and innovation in the UK's entrepreneurial landscape.