Experts warn of land subsidence in Joshimath

Experts warn of land subsidence in Joshimath

A report by eight government-run institutes has made several observations about the soil carrying capacity of Uttarakhand's'sinking town' Joshimath.

The region is prone to high-magnitude earthquakes, the World Health Organization says.

According to the magnitude of danger from land subsidence, Joshimath has been divided into four zones,'red, black, yellow and green'.

The High Court in Uttarakhand has ruled out the state government's decision not to make the reports public.

Experts say the crisis is a result of unplanned and disorderly infrastructure projects in the region, especially a power plant that involved blasts and drilling in the mountains.

Lord Badrinath's idol, Joshimath, is brought down from the main Badrinath temple to the Vasudeva temple in the town every winter. It is the gateway to the holy shrine Hemkund Sahib, a temple of Sikhs.