China's first carbon-zero methanol fuel at Asian Games

China's first carbon-zero methanol fuel at Asian Games

On Saturday, the Hangzhou Asian Games presented a stunning opening ceremony, anchored by swimming Olympic champion Wang Shun and a digital torchbearer lighting the cauldron.

The primary cauldron tower was made up of carbon-zero methanol. The first time that methanol fuel has been used at the Asian Games, it was first used.

The fuel and relevant technical solutions were provided by Geely, a car manufacturer based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

The company said the methanol was produced in its plant in Anyang, Henan province, using local industrial exhaust and then transported by Geely's methanol-powered trucks from the city to Hangzhou.

When Geely began exploring methanol-related technology in 2000, he has become a top player in the industry globally.

Over 20 vehicle models powered by methanol are being developed by the carmaker, including passenger vehicles, trucks and buses.

The company has developed a fleet of more than 27,000 vehicles across the world, with their combined mileage reaching around 10 billion kilometers.

In 2022, China produced 80.23 million tons of methanol, the world's largest methanol producer and consumer.

Methanol production involving renewable energy can collect carbon dioxide, the association said in a statement. It said it requires 1.375 tons of heat-trapping gas to produce a tonne of carbon-free ethnaol.

Geely said its manufacturing plant in Anyang produces 110,000 tons of methanol annually, consuming up to 160,000 tons of carbon dixoide from industrial exhaust.