Air France-KLM orders 50 Airbus 350 planes

Air France-KLM orders 50 Airbus 350 planes

Air France-KLM on Monday announced that it would place a major order for 50 long-haul Airbus A350s, part of its effort to introduce more fuel-efficient planes.

The planes, which represent an order of over $16 billion at the given listed price and without any discounts applied, will be delivered between 2026 and 2030, the Dutch-French group said.

The order also entails acquisition rights for 40 additional aircraft.

The Airbus 350 will be a quieter, more fuel-efficient and more cost-effective aircraft, compared to previous generations, that will be instrumental in helping the group reach our ambitious sustainability objectives.

The order aims to replace 33 older Boeing 777-200s and A330s from the two airlines.